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Kuja dosh.

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April 30, 2014
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May 4, 2014

Mangala dosha (kuja dosha)

In Vedic astrology, there is such a thing as Kuja Dosha or Mangala Dosha, which in Sanskrit means - defect, vice of Mars, Mars is the planet of motion, strength, energy, ambition and passion. But excessive manifestation of these qualities can bring destructive phenomena in human life. Planet Mars - symbolizes courage, sergino, sit goli, passion, ambition and self-confidence Negatively it can manifest as - aggression, irritation, Gnso, desire to argue, conflict, desire for competition, dominance of ITD. The dynamic energy of this planet must be positive Noah, otherwise it will lead to adverse consequences Influence of Kudka Doshi on married life: Kuja is especially strong at home! merging into family life, if any6 there is how such an arrangement of Mars can permeate the acquisition of a life partner). in astrolia, ai is considered very important to consider the horoscope of a man and a woman before marriage. If a Margin: has a negative effect on the 7th house of the horoscope, the house of the spouse, then it can be serious problems, constant struggle and strife in family life. It also leads to restrictions on the rights and personal freedom of a partner, total control and zhetiiny ruksen odit. Passion in this case is not fire, supporting the Dsmeni parasiovy with a flame of burning іktsim and destroying it. Excessive gambitation can lead to depressive symptoms. states, disappointment in life, nervousness. If both spouses have Kuja dosha in the horoscope, then it is considered that it will be canceled, will not have a destructive influence, that is, the energy of Mars will be balanced.

„Kuja dosha Remedies:”


Kuja dosha Remedies:

For a person with this dosha, as a rule, it is recommended to marry after the age of 28, when the intensity of the destructive Influences REDUCED. - The daily repetition of Hanuman Chali is an excellent means to neutralize the influence of this share. - Fasting, charity and prayers to the planet Mars on Tuesdays will help reduce the intensity of the Dosha. - The most effective remedy is the special Pudzka, Yagya and Japa performed by qualified brahmanas in Specialized Vedic temples.

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When are you a Mangalik?

For a person to be a Mangalik, the effect of Mars should be in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of the horoscope of the person.


Can Mangalik Dosha be removed?

Most people feel that Mangalik Dosha is something that cannot be removed and is absolute. However, with the help of a talented astrologer, you can remove the dosha. As this can affect both men and women, it is important to reduce and remedy the same before.

Here is how astrologers can help you:

Astrologers would look at your horoscope before they tell you anything, If you go to an astrologer to understand if you have it or not, the astrologer would look at your horoscope and then tell you. The astrologers inspect the planetary positions, which help them understand the root of your dosha. Once they understand everything about your dosha’s beginning, they would provide you with a good measure. These act as effective remedies to cure your Mangalik Dosha.

Although you can make use of an online calculator to figure out details, you’d need expert help first.

Remedies for Mangalik Dosha depend on your horoscope and the planetary positions. Many astrologers recommend Kumbh Vivah to remedy the same. This would happen between a person and the tree, which would eliminate the effect of mars. Furthermore, many astrologers suggest Mangalik Dosha people to worship Lord Hunuman on Tuesdays, which would help them to reduce and nullify the ill effects of mars.

Some Facts about Mangalik Dosha:

Mangalik Dosha people can become highly competitive, which can affect their married life as well. Hence it is important to cure it.
Occupation of different houses by Mars could have a different reaction to your life, you could face issues in marriages, in career or in relationships.
With that said, you should look for an astrologer who can help you to find the correct remedies. Astro Jagannath would help you to understand the issues you face, and will allow you to make the most of your situation. Furthermore, they will help you to create a better a life for yourself.

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