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Corporate Astrology


Head hunting for a body corporate has become an “in thing” in the leading corporate circles of the world. All big corporate & multinationals have started taking the help of astrology to pick up the right person for the right job.
Any entity created by law of the land for carrying out any commercial activity is called a body corporate. Others include sole proprietorship concerns, partnership firms & companies.
Sole proprietorship concerns & partnership firms are ruled by one or few individuals & body corporate is ruled by many people including participation from public.
A corporate entity means & implies an association, cooperative or a group of persons with a large capital base & large commercial activity.
From astrological point of view since corporate are ruled by various individuals including the chief executive officer the horoscopes of key persons become relevant for its running, operations & other prospects. Since corporate body is run by various individuals a few persons coming & going does not make a special dent on the body corporate that is why it is said in corporate circles that individuals come and go but a corporate body lives. Therefore a body corporate is equated & treated like a deemed person.
From our point of view it becomes relevant that the key persons have the appropriate combinations in relation to the business carried out by the body corporate. Similarly the next step also should have the right combination for various departmental heads e.g. the chief executive officer of the body corporate engaged in building & construction should have combination of 4,11 in most of the planets. In the next step any departmental head is working in the finance & accounts of the same company should have combination of 2,3,10,11 & good mercury & good jupiter. Similarly quality control departmental head should have good mercury, venus & combination of 3,5,10,11.
If construction company is engaged in quality housing Venus must be good & alternatively if the company is engaged in housing of masses Mars & Saturn should be preferably good of that of the relevant officers. In the cases if the horoscope of the individuals are not available “Prasna Charts” are relevent which always give accurate results.


his way astrology plays a very significant role in growth and prospects of a corporate. If these combination are considered at the time of appointment of the Chief Executive Officers & the key officers of various departments.
Since a body corporate is deemed to be an individual a natal horoscope can be drawn by taking date, time & place of birth of the representatives of the corporate to the registering authority but however the horoscope of the Chief Executive Officer & other departmental heads are more important than the natal horoscope of the body corporate.

How shall we help?

We will advise about the type of business to be undertaken ( In case of New Ventures after checking the natal chart of the promoter(s), partners, directors etc.
We will advise the persons to be recruited in different departments after checking their horoscopes.
We will advise remedial measures in case the Business is not going on according to the expectations. Remedies for bad periods can also be suggested and remedies to enhance the results of good periods.
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