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May 19, 2021
May 19, 2021
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Horoscope Matching Report


Kundali Milan or Horoscope matching is done for the only purpose that couple enjoys happy married life. We have a scientific approach on Kundali Milan. Traditionally, in Kundali Milan Astrologers do Gun Milan and Manglik considerations however we do it differently. Following considerations are of utmost importance for Kundali Milan.
The prospective life partner should have
1. Long life
2. Good health
3. Understanding nature or good nature
4. His /her horoscope should be positive for child birth
5. Should be of good character and have good personality
6. Should have fairly good professional career and financial growth
When we check precisely the above nuances with our astrological knowledge couple enjoy happy married life.
Experience have also shown that this is the best method of compatibility.
However in the Kundali Milan report we add Gun Milan and Manglik consideration for clients who want to have a look on these factors also.
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